Sometimes I think I am becoming a very grumpy old man. My dear wife reminds me that I have — ALWAYS — been a grumpy old man. Even when I was young.

But, I think in my grumpiness, there is without a doubt a kernel of truth that the music that today gets consumed by the majority of young people is absolute shit! Hit-factory repackaged turds that all sound the same, made by the same people … But it isn’t because there is no good music being made today… It is just that the velocity and the reliance on the…

I hate to correct @elonmusk, but his assertion that it takes 20 years to replace the vehicle fleet is wrong.

Recently at the interview for his axel-springer award, Elon said that the car replacement would take 20 years. You can see the whole interview here:

His 20 year replacement timeline is based in the normal rate of car manufacturing/car destruction and total global fleet size. Both of these will be disrupted.s

Whilst I don’t expect total car manufacturing rate to increase very much, with the introduction of cheap autonomous taxis networks, the number of cars being retired will increase…

The world is not ready for what is about to hit it.. And it is not a virus. But the virus was without a doubt a catalyst.

UBI cannot be implemented soon enough or we will have revolution on our doorsteps.

Ford’s bipedal autonomous car-to-door delivery robot

Amazon is already getting unbelievable profits by using slave wages because it was ready for the demand this virus would cause for convenient home deliveries.

It is now already ordering 100s of thousands of electric vans that will be equipped with autonomous sensors (and run by the autonomous company they also bought Zoox)

Yesterday 8th May 2018, Google stunned an audience well accustomed to new technological innovation by unveiling their google assistant making a call to a human, on behalf of the user, to book an appointment with a hairdresser.

The human on the other side of the phone call was non-the-wiser that she was talking to a machine that was indistinguishable from a human, be it by the pitch and inflections of its voice, the mannerisms we all exhibit like the humms and ahhh we all include whilst we think of an answer to a question.

Many are questioning how ethical this…

It is today. After years of delays, the falcon heavy will finally fly and I am like an excited little kid.

I want to show my son that humanity still can dream of space travel. That studying subjects like rocket science are worthwhile endeavors and maybe we and his generation will maybe see a human land on a celestial body once again. Like my father generation did.

Back in the 50s and 60s people were excited about the future of space travel. A moon base was a given in a near future… After all, we were already sending manned missions…

That we may be able to correct this mistake 4 years from now. Whomever wins!

Now that we are at the eve of one of the most important elections in the world.

One that could put on a hard brake on humanity’s progress for a generation. I was thinking if America would be seen as a society that shares western values if their language was not English.

How much of our tolerance for what is clearly a deranged society comes from our ability to relate to them by our shared understanding of their language? …

On the road to Full autonomy…

For those that know me, they know I have no doubt that autonomous cars will eventually take over all cars on the road. In fact, I am pretty sure when level 5 autonomy is fully implemented it will signal a complete social revolution.

Experts will tell you it is always at least 20 years away… But a funny thing happened when Tesla started to roll-out its autonomy features… Those timetables started to tumble down!

Now even very conservative estimates predict that by the middle of next decade full level 5 will not only be possible as it will be the…

“The idea that you are continually accumulating debt after you leave university is frightening. Unless you earn around £50,000 or more, you will never get to the stage where you actually pay off the loan. Because you have to pay the money back over 30 years, the amounts of interest you pay could be astonishing.”

Many people including dear friends of mine think I tend to be a bit of a conspiracy theorist. But in this case it is clear as water what the elites are doing to our society. Slavery by debt! …

Ali was special! I got to admit I am not a big fan of box but he was undoubtedly the most famous and probably best of all time. Although I never saw him box live... Far too young for that. Ali encapsulates what you hope a celebrity sportsman should be like. An acute mind, insightful and penetrating stitched together with political activism and sense of fairness but put into the that mix unbelievable physical prowess, (far more that his contemporaries) and you have a pure diamond unable to be contained in some shelf for pundits to analyse.

This is why…

Faulty perceptions of belonging

Just now I saw an interesting ad for 23andMe where they challenged people’s perceptions of who they thought they where and how they viewed people from other cultures by giving them their report of how many cultures where running through their bloodstream in their own dna.

I did my test a while ago and although I do not think I was ever very prejudiced against foreigners it did surprised me how far and wide my ancestry spread across mainly Europe but also Africa. I mean... …

Duarte Molha

Bioinformatician, technophile, strong political views… sometimes harshly expressed

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