The space age is back… Thank you Elon!

It is today. After years of delays, the falcon heavy will finally fly and I am like an excited little kid.

I want to show my son that humanity still can dream of space travel. That studying subjects like rocket science are worthwhile endeavors and maybe we and his generation will maybe see a human land on a celestial body once again. Like my father generation did.

Back in the 50s and 60s people were excited about the future of space travel. A moon base was a given in a near future… After all, we were already sending manned missions there quite regularly… And then. The USSR collapsed and US efforts in space travel stopped and after a while we stopped thinking of space.

For decades all we did was send satellites into orbit and create a small space station.

The world needed a visionary … And thankfully we got one in Elon Musk.

He singlehandedly brought back the dream of space travel and if he had done nothing else in his life besides SpaceX he would already be a hero of mine.

Now …his most powerful reusable rocket will light up the sky’s and our imagination and propel Elon’s electric roadster in his way to Mars (belting out live on Mars on the radio by the late great David Bowie — yes I know sound does not travel in vacuum ;-) )

Maybe in thousands of years, some Aliens will find this car and be a bit perplexed about where it came from.
Hopefully, they will realize it came from a species of intelligent beings with some sense of humor taking their first steps amongst the stars.

Don’t miss the show and show it to your kids … They will love it. Today at 13:30 Eastern time ( 19:30 CET / 18:30 GMT )

Bioinformatician, technophile, strong political views… sometimes harshly expressed

Bioinformatician, technophile, strong political views… sometimes harshly expressed