My hope for the outcome of the US election?

That we may be able to correct this mistake 4 years from now. Whomever wins!

Now that we are at the eve of one of the most important elections in the world.

One that could put on a hard brake on humanity’s progress for a generation. I was thinking if America would be seen as a society that shares western values if their language was not English.

How much of our tolerance for what is clearly a deranged society comes from our ability to relate to them by our shared understanding of their language? The “de facto” universal language of our planet.

If Russians or the Chinese spoke English and the USA spoke mandarin.. . Would we be as harsh on them or as forgiving on the USA for their clearly ludicrous society where 2 parties engage in a mockery they call democracy but where the contestants are, by definition, already bought by the big moneyed interests that control everything in that country.

Where you need to raise hundreds of millions of dollars to even have a chance to get on the shortlist for one of these two pretend parties.

If they spoke Russian would we not call it for what it is...? At best a plutocracy?

Like Russia, the winner of tomorrow’s circus will be able to single-handedly bring about Armageddon.

His/Her single command is enough to, in less than 5 min, launch enough nuclear warheads to cover the world in radioactivity for the next millennia.

And all they have discussed in their pretend process is the pussies Trump has or has not grabbed and the emails Hillary kept or not kept on her private server.

I still want Hilary to win... But what fucking choice are we being given?!

Yes... She will perpetuate the plutocracy and hegemony of America... But he? Well he might bring about the end of the world.

I hoped Obama would have been the candidate all the world was hoping he was. I hoped Bernie would have been able to break the corrupted system...

Now all I hope is that we are all still here 4 years from now to undo one of the 2 optional mistakes they will be doing tomorrow.

Bioinformatician, technophile, strong political views… sometimes harshly expressed

Bioinformatician, technophile, strong political views… sometimes harshly expressed